Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Maker Faire and Bill Murray

We had such an amazing time at Maker Faire. There were so many lovely things to see, lots of people to be inspired by, and then there was Bill Murray.

Yeah, Bill Murray.

Needless to say, instead of taking photos of all the crafty wonders to be had, I decided to focus my lens on Bill Murray and his infatuation with furry hats.
Sigh. I kinda wanted to make out with him. Just a little bit.

At least I got a photo of our table.

We did debut all our new Stitch Kits (which are all available on Etsy), and they were a success! Very cute.


Ellie said...

We loved seeing your booth at Maker Faire! I can't believe Bill Murray was there! I certainly didn't see him :)

textile_fetish said...

I don't think he made it our way, but I'm happy someone took a photo to give truth to the rumors!

becks said...

dude, i totally missed him. how did i miss him? is he very tiny? is that how i missed him?! maker faire was way fun. i liked being across for you gals and elliot loved flirting with all of you!