Saturday, February 14, 2009

Heck of a Year

Well, totally off the crafting topic...I'm sitting here in my daughter's hospital room, trying to process all that has happened this year. If you haven't heard, I gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Sadie Pearl, on January 17th. She is the light of my life. Unfortunately, she and I both have had to struggle through a series of unforeseen illnesses and hospital visits since her birth. I naively thought after a difficult pregnancy, that I'd be able to easily deliver my baby and leap back into teaching and working full time at my beloved Craft-O-Rama. Apparently, God has other plans.
For the past two wonderful years, I have put my heart, soul, all my money and time into Craft-O-Rama. It has been my baby, and I have loved every minute of it. However, I now have little Sadie who needs me, and there is not enough room in my life for both. Craft-O-Rama requires my attention, creativity and financing in a way that would leave little room for sleep or Sadie. I hate to even have to make a choice, but as all you Mommas out there would agree, there is no choice. She is the light of my life.
I am working on creative ways to keep the classes going, like a mobile class kind of thing....just not a permanent expensive setting. I'll keep working on our Craft-O-Rama stitch kits and some other fun projects from home. Who knows, maybe in a year or two, when Sadie is a big girl, and the economy gets a little better, we'll have another store front. Alot can happen in two years and plans can change.
Until then, I want to send out a heartfelt thank you to all of you that have supported Craft-O-Rama and especially those who have supported me personally. I've come to know some amazing folks and gratefully appreciate you.
I'll be sending out a newsletter in the next couple of days, with all the closing and sale details.


Sarah said...

While this is such sad news, I totally understand. Craft-o-Rama has been a great escape from the workday on those days when we just had to get out of our cube! We will certainly miss it. Thank you!

I wish you and Sadie health and happiness in the coming years!


becks said...

Oh Hayley!
Seeing your smiling face and all your wonderful workers will be sorely missed by me and countless other Austin crafters. You did such an amazing thing and really brought people together. As for being Momma first, of course. Sadie is a lucky girl to have you as her Momma and we'll be here if and when you re-open your doors. Thanks for all the inspiration over the past two years!
Take care,

shares said...

Agreed...we'll miss the wonderful gathering place that Austin Craft-o-Rama was and all the fun crafty things we were inspired to do in its presence. But you are Sadie's only mommy, and it will also be such a special thing to share these first few years devoted to her.

Anonymous said...

Craft O Rama will be missed, but it's definitely not the end.
Love you,

Hanna said...

I am so saddened that the store will close. But family comes first! I will miss the sewing classes but this economy is really hard. I just hope things bet better for you and the rest of the world.

Craftiness said...

So sorry to hear about the closing of COR and of yours and Sadie's health issues. Our family has had a lot of fun at your crafty pad and will miss you dearly. Sadie's lucky to such a wonderful momma. Best to you and your family.


J. Davis Studio said...

Hayley, your baby is precious. You don't know me, but I took a quilting class and Jennifer's business classes at Craftorama recently, and my older daughter took a jewelry class there. My younger daughter and I also have warm memories of shopping in your store everytime we went to Austin (We are from Alpine). You filled a unique niche, and I am so sorry to hear you are closing. As a former fiber artist who decided to shut down my business a few years after my second child was born, I understand and admire your decision. It's so much better to do it now, before you are so stressed and exhausted that you don't have the chance to enjoy every bit of that baby! I'll always be sorry I didn't do sooner. You are very smart! I wish you joy and a wonderful future for you and your family. Remember, one door closes, and another will open.... when you are ready.

Robin Davis

That Girl Designs said...

Congrats on your little one. I visited and shopped in your store several times. Last year I brought my Mom with me when she was in town and we picked out some fabrics for my first quilt project! Anyway, we both loved the little shop and wish you the best in your new life! I've owned a retail store, and yes, it can consume your whole life. Sometimes we have to let them go, to grow! Good luck with everything.

JW and Susy said...

Whoa! I just googled your ex-shop because Im trying to learn to sew for my baby girl (dob: 2/4/9) and Im amazed by this post! I taught elementary for 4 years and loved it but when Eliana was born I too had to make a choice and there really was no competition for my lil pickle! I do still love teaching and will miss this school year but it is good to read about another mama's choice in favor of baby! I will find you on etsy, btw, I'm 'sewsusy' on etsy, just joined!