Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm a terrible blogger, oh and new arrivals

So sorry I've been away. It's been a while, I know. Can't say why for sure, maybe the summer heat. Maybe because there has been too much to do, like eating ice cream from Amy's next door. I have a good excuse for that behavior though, see below. Anywho, don't the hedgehog fabrics make up for it??

More excuses for not blogging go like this: I don't know what to say. It's been a long hot summer. It's really hot in Texas. Boy it's too hot to do anything. The cuteness of the animal village fabric should make it better though.

Who doesn't love pandas?

Oh right, back to the not blogging excuses. I've got the best one yet: I'm preggers. Yep, amount 5 months worth, super pumped not only for the joyous blessing but also for the best excuse ever for not doing things I need to do. Try it, it really works. Pregnancy gives you a really good excuse for lots of things like crankiness, eating too much, being down right lazy and of course for not blogging.


Beth said...

Oh wow! Congratulations!

I will come visit you soon and purchase some celebratory fabric!

AustinMomma said...

How fabulous!!! Now you get to enjoy the best part of pregnancy in cooler, fall temps! Will be in soon!

Hanna said...

Nice fabrics! I can't wait to come and visit the store.

becks said...

love the new stuff. i'll be in to see you soon. we will both be at makers faire this year! hooray!