Friday, August 15, 2008

Summer's End

Just a quick shout out to all you crafty kids that made their way through here this summer: You Rock! I couldn't put up all the photos, but just wanted to say I'll miss your excitement and creativity while you are at school this year! Keep on creating!

Some came through here as friends, some made friends while they were here, but everyone left with the thrill of making something great all on their own.

And he didn't think we'd make anything cool.......could you get any cooler than a one of a kind vintage looking screen printed KISS t-shirt? I don't think so....keep on a rockin'.

Did I mention how much you teenage girlies chit chat?? Wow, it was hard to get a word in but I sure enjoyed being around your enthusiasm and fun young spirits. You'll all make great young women someday soon, hope to know you then!

Finally, our hottest class on the menu...Sock Monkey Mania! So fun. Have a great time in school and hope to see you all next year!!


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crazy monkey said...

Craft-O-Rama rocks always! Thanks for everything, my kids had a great time this summer. That rockin-good-lookin boy looks familiar;)